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Today it is not a simple “stop by the gas station” anymore to fill up your tank and go. There is a big variety in fuels on board, sometimes up to 4 different grades on one vessel! They all come with each its own specifications, storage temperatures and handling. Our experience in the business for over 20 years has made us very much aware of the challenges that you face. There is risk involved with costly consequences!

We always say, any oiler or trainee engineer can take a sounding of a tank containing oil. In essence, that’s what it always was about. What comes out of the barge, has to be found back on board the vessel. Then the Chief Engineer would be happy or not, resulting in signing (with or without protest) the Delivery Note and sail away to the next port. Easy enough right? Why would you hire a surveyor??

We could tell you stories…

filling days of conversation and books about why you should. We are not going to do that to you, we are quite sure you have your own stories and books to write about that.

Instead, one simple explanation will answer your question why you should hire us on board of your vessels for a Survey during bunker operations.

“You can do anything, but not everything” 

a quote from David Allen.​

We save you time and money by being the skilled surveyors that you want to have with real passion for the job. We have engineering knowledge on the operation of modern gauging systems, we know how to read drawings and we are skilful people who know the barge’s discharging systems very well.

And very important, we don’t just deliver a nice report with photos and clear sampling procedures.

We get you real result with passion!

Whether you are the charterer or the owner, you still need to pay for the fuel that is transferred to the vessel involved. And you want to have on board what you are paying for. Especially in current challenging times to maintain the right balance between cost and expense. Challenging for instance due to the new 0.50% sulphur fuels to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) global sulphur cap. Especially for vessels that do not have a scrubber facility on board (Exhaust Gas Cleaning System). You can have up to 4 different types of fuel on board!

We have been seeing our share of suppliers trying to give you less oil than you have ordered. And also, having seen Chief Engineers trying to deceive the Bunker Surveyor involved.

We do not want to dig too deep into this, it’s a well known fact unfortunately. Our Surveyors only have a few hours in port to present you with the true amount of oil on board prior to bunkering operations and the results after transfer of the bunker oil. This requires a high level of technical skills. But also, not in the least people skills. Dealing with different cultures and attitudes, our Surveyors know how to save time and money where it is necessary. We can read between the lines where and when we need to!

Finally, we comply to the latest health and safety requirements and respect your vessel’s integrity.

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