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How we help your crew on board.

As we keep in contact with the supplying barge directly, we can keep your crew updated on the arrival of the barge. This is very important when it comes to non-violation of work and rest hours when the Chief Engineer can divide the working hours and required crew members in advance.

We help and assist the Chief Engineer with the paperwork prior to the commence of the bunkering operation that has to be filled out. We check the specifications and paperwork the Chief Engineer is presented with.

Our advanced program helps the Chief Engineer to calculate the exact present amount of bunker oil on board before commencement of the bunkering. We take all soundings together with your crew members, using our calibrated instruments. Copies of the certificates are always presented to the Chief Engineer and the responsible officer on board of the barge.


Taking work out of the hands of the crew to be an asset to the bunkering procedure.

Certified and calibrated equipment

We make sure that your sample, drawn from the vessel’s manifold and sent to a laboratory of your choice by your own ship’s agent, is taken correctly by drip sample and photographed. If you have a sampling device on board, we will see to it that it is being used and properly sealed.

We make sure that the sample bottles are filled properly. If you have an agreement with the supplier for joint sampling and sealing, we will report this as agreed and take photos.

We take manual soundings and take temperatures with our certified and calibrated equipment on board of the barge of each tank before AND after the transfer. If we deem it necessary, we repeat the process to be certain of our findings. We take into account draft and list and check the sounding tables. This process will be noted on our own numbered gauging tickets and presented to you with our report. We always have one or more crew members of your vessel with us to witness our barge soundings. We carry 4-sensor gas meters to check for toxic vapours and fumes.

We join your crew member to witness the soundings on board of the vessel and make our own independent calculations as per the sounding tables of the vessel. 

Finally, we check the Bunker Delivery Note figures together with the Chief Engineer and help him to obtain the proper signatures and stamps from the supplier’s side and original copies.

Our signed report by Chief Engineer, surveyor and supplier’s representative will be sent you digitally. One copy will remain on board after the bunkering, some copies of the report go to the barge (never YOUR readings or information) and we keep one for our own administration. The digital report with photos will be sent to you by email.

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